Cleaning services in Gauteng

Cleaning services in GautengOffice cleaning in Pretoria is highly important. It is important for the health of your employees as much as it is important for the presentation for those clients who are going to be visiting your establishment. Professional cleaning services in Gauteng and office cleaning in Pretoria are structured so you get the most out of your cleaning. Cleaning services in Gauteng these days will include office cleaning as these companies know the importance of keeping your office clean. Feel free to contact us or learn more about us . You can also check out our services pages or home page .

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Why are more people choosing professional cleaning services rather than having an in house cleaner?

The answer is simple when you are the owner of a larger company that requires lots of care to keep it looking neat and tidy. While a smaller building can easily get away with having an in house general office cleaner, bigger companies do not have the time or the resources to have a single cleaner to take care of the cleaning needs of the entire building. Office cleaning in Pretoria will be able to accommodate the needs of the company, arranging the appropriate times and dates on which they will visit the company.

Cleaning services can also be specialised to include window cleaning in Pretoria, carpet cleaning in Midrand as well as post-occupational cleaning and pre-occupational cleaning. Carpet cleaning in Midrand and cleaning services in Midrand can be done on a daily, monthly or weekly basis but there are a few things that you can do yourself to get keep your office neat and tidy. Make sure that you keep your office well stocked with a few cleaning items such as rubbing alcohol, paper towels and dust cloths for those days when your cleaning services aren’t going to be in your office.

Cleaning services in GautengLets look at window cleaning in Pretoria and Johannesburg

Window cleaning in Pretoria, as well as window cleaning in Johannesburg, has changed a lot since the earliest days of window cleaning. Scaffolding is mostly a thing of the past when it comes to getting a window clean. Window cleaning companies in Johannesburg and Pretoria now make use of poles which feed pure, clean water onto the window which is then scrubbed with a brush to get it clean. Using pure water to get the windows cleaned is fantastic because unlike chemicals which can leave spots behind when the window has been washed, pure water will not leave a mark. Soapy chemicals can also leave a window somewhat sticky.

Dust and other grime then settles onto the window and causes a dirty mark. Though most companies will use pure water to give your windows a clean, there are safe and effective window cleaning products on the market these days that will give your windows a sparkling clean and a vibrant shine. Only expert staff undertake the cleaning of windows because window cleaning can be a dangerous undertaking and if it is not done correctly it can lead to damage being done to the windows or to the person doing the cleaning. Lemon Tree workers, whether its for window cleaning in Pretoria, as well as window cleaning in Johannesburg, have the knowledge to do the job right.

So why do I need post-occupational cleaning and pre-occupational cleaning?

Cleaning services in Gauteng

Post-occupational cleaning and pre-occupational cleaning are a must when you are moving into or out of a building. No one wants to move into an office space that still has evidence of the last company’s occupation. Post-occupational cleaning will usually be employed by a company about to leave the office while pre-occupational cleaning is undertaken before the new occupant moves in. And this type of cleaning can also be done in houses and flats before a new occupant moves in. Cleaning services in Gauteng, including cleaning services in Midrand and cleaning services in Johannesburg, offer a range of cleaning services to suit your company’s every need. Office cleaning, industrial cleaning, cleaning and sealing of floors and bricks as well as the cleaning of windows and carpets are all part of the services offered by Lemon Tree Cleaning.

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